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    ya know when you go here with all connections off it still tracks ur position, so basically doesn't that mean if u had a stand alone program with maps on the device that standalone gps does work?
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    Turn off all your connections (phone in particular). Wait 5 minutes. Do a soft reset. Don't enable any radios, then try and see what you get from the GPS.

    What you're seeing are the residuals of an already initiated aGPS, aGPS that requires a carrier signal to start. And you might even have still been picking up cell tower signals.
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    good point. I've done the same thing you mention on my old curve and it worked. in the settings it says on source ms-assisted, something else and standalone? odd
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    well, it looked like it was doing something! lol. so then I was disappointed and started trying to put in more ##-# codes and ended up getting (excess spc failures) and had to do a soft reset! any others besides data, gps, debug, evdo?
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    There's one for RTN Reset, but you really don't want to go playing with that unless you really need to use it.

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