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    well, syncing to my laptop over ir is probably the easiest thing ever. you put it next to the port, active sync opens and bam!
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    Does your computer have BT? I'm curious as to the benefits of sync-ing over IR vs. BT
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    it does, but with ir its already on, the battery drain aint that bad and its nearly as fast
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    IR is a great feature, that some new devices fail to include.
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    I'll trade my IR port for a 3.5mm audio port any day.
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    well ya got me there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by yakky View Post
    I'll trade my IR port for a 3.5mm audio port any day.
    Me too. Only workaround is BT headphones. Obviously even more of a battery killer. I can't ActiveSync with wires let alone through the IR port.
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