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    I had a very handy little program on my POS Treos that let you enter an area code and it told you what state and what part of the state the area code was for. I used it very often.

    Anyone know of something like this for Windows Mobile?

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    No I'm not aware of anything. I used to use that program often myself. Now I just pull up google and enter the area code number and the words "area code" and it pulls it up. It works pretty good and is fairly quick as an alternative. hope it helps.
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    I am using two programs from Burroak Software that work really well.
    One is "pTravelAlarm" and the other is "Conversions in Hand" which has an area code look up function. The programs are not free tho...
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    just send 3 number area code (sms) to google (56645) and it will send you back the location.

    send "help" and it will give you a list of things you can, area codes, flight info, etc....
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I prefer a solution not requiring an internet connection. If I am not connected, I don't want to have to connect just for one quick query.

    The Conversions in Hand program - which I DL'd to try it works ok but it is much more than I need and the area code lookup requires extra steps - it is not available as the default starting screen.

    Guess I need to keep looking.

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