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    Something I have notices is that when I charge my 800 using the USB cable the battery charge last longer vs. using the rapid charge. Has any one else notice this?

    Next, Is there a way to have the phone show you a listing of how the speeed dial keys are set up. Now when I tried to assign a key, i.e., 9, the phone tells me that this number is already in use, but when I try to use I get nothing -- Help.
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    well one thing i have noticed is that when using the home charger the battery charges to 98ish percent. but when i use the usb the battery completly charges, and same is when i use the car charger.
    i think there is something wrong with the home charger, because i have 2 different car chargers, and i always have the phone connected to my work comp and it reaches 100% but i probably have seen 100% from the home charger twice.

    as far as the speed dial i have never used it so hopefully somebody can assist you
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    I normally use the OEM charger at night & car charger when I travel. I also use a cheap (Wallmart) wall charger when I'm in the basement. I don't really pay attention to the percent of charge. Whether is 98% or 100%, as long as the led is greeen, I'm good.

    Regarding the speed dial, to check/edit it, go to the Today screen, select Menu > Speed Dial Options.

    FYI, If you have a speed dial # assigned as V, you cannot assign it as 9, since it's the same key. Therefore, if you try to, you will get an error message that the letter or number has already assigned.

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