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    I am using build 19209 of MSVC with WM6.1. When I fresh install MSVC, I can voice dial through my headset, hear the prompts in my headset, etc, just like normal WM6 on my Treo 750. Once I soft reset, it goes back to sounding the prompts through my phone speaker, not accepting voice commands through the headset, etc. It does transfer the calls to the BT headset, but still not functioning properly.

    Also, possibly related to this problem, my carrier line's BT icon does not indicate if my BT headset is connected (stays blue, not white). It toggles for on/off (grey to blue), but not connected (white). With MSVC uninstalled or a fresh install before a soft reset, it works just like it had with WM6.

    Any ideas folks?

    I have tried various reg edits that claim to solve the problem (ie. HKLM\Software\MS\Bluetooth\AudioGateway) and hacks for other phones, but nothing seems to set it right.
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    double bump...

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