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    Ok, at long last the arrival of my Treo Pro has dragged me kicking and screaming away from Palm OS to WM6.

    Now I need calendar and contact manager functionality, and hate Outlook with a passion.

    What I want, if it exists, is a decent third-party calendar/contact manager which will sync with a standalone calendar/contact manager running on my Windows PC. i.e. no outlook at all, anywhere in the process.

    I want to effectively replicate what I had on the Palm, where I used Palm Desktop on the PC to manage appointments and contacts on the PDA.

    Anyone know of a way of doing this, and what the desktop portion will be - everything seems to just sync with Outlook.
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    Can't be done.

    The closest option you can get would be to sync (OTA) with your Google calendar and use GooSync on your Treo Pro, but you won't be able to sync to your computer without Outlook.

    Ya know...I'm not even sure if Active Sync will install without Outlook being installed.
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    "Ya know...I'm not even sure if Active Sync will install without Outlook being installed."

    It won't. I was doing some troubleshooting involving AS. The PC I was working with didn't have Outlook & the AS install wouldn't complete.
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    Thanks for that confirmation, GeekCop.

    Outlook still has WM users held hostage.
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    BirdieSync™ allows synchronization of your contacts, appointments, tasks and mails between Pocket Outlook™ on your Windows Mobile device with Thunderbird™ and Lightning™ or Sunbird™ on your PC.

    My wife uses it to synchronise with Thunderbird/Lightning on Vista. It was a bit cumbersome to set up, but after that it's been working fine.
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    I had a 650 and i'm now missing palm desktop.. outlook is just horrible with trying to organize the contacts.. I don't understand why i would put a contact in 2 different Categories.. it's driving me crazy..
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    You would put a contact in 2 different categories because it's your old friend from 10 years ago, who is suddenly working for a company you do business with and you now look at twice a month in long boring meetings.

    I miss Palm desktop like crazy, but Outlook isn't the anti-Christ.

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