I have been thinking of getting a treo pro. I am hesitant since my company does not have POP or IMAP email support (or active sync support?) and only suggests people get Blackberrys since they have a blackberry server. They are considering allowing people to connect with the iPhone (I think that uses activesync also) but they would not offer full support since their are no options for group management. We have exchange email and I am only currently able to receive my work email to my Palm 700p through Verizon wireless sync (and their redirector software). I would rather get the Treo Pro and switch to T-Mobile but I think I may lose the ability to receive my work email. I may be wrong since I only have basic knowledge about how this all works. I know the Treo Pro will be able to work well with my other email accounts (Yahoo, other webmail, etc.) I really need my work email since it is my main email address. Should I stick to my old 700p or is there a way that I would be able to access my exchange mail with a treo pro even without IT support. Thanks.