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    Resco, one of the leading developers of mobile applications for end-users, would like to announce that it is making great progress with the development of the brand new application called Resco Contact Manager. This application will offer everything you need to manage all your contacts, phone calls and text messages. In accordance with the newest trend, Resco Contact Manager will offer users full touch-optimization and much more.

    Some of features in Resco Contact Manager

    Touch-optimized interface
    Easy navigation
    Chat-like ordering of text messages
    Letter navigation
    Quick search using keypad
    Direct calls
    History of calls
    Easy assigning of pictures to contacts
    Managing contacts in groups

    Resco would highly appreciate your comments, ideas and wishes that would make Resco Contact Manager a piece of software that fits your needs.

    You can find out more on the Resco Contact Manager homepage

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    Are you making a Palm OS version?

    Will we be able to export the call/chat logs into some sort of file IE excel that we can print?

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