The last month, Notes (from the Notes app) keep disappearing from my Treo 700wx, then are also deleted from desktop Outlook 2003 when I sync. Fortunately I have a backup of all Notes, and I keep restoring the deleted Notes. I had 76 Notes; anywhere from 15 - 65 suddenly come up missing. I did 2 hard resets followed by a fresh reinstall of everything; that didn't help. I upgraded to WM6.0; still the same problem. Recently, all but one Note disappeared. I received a replacement Treo from VZW; it now has the same problem. Nothing else disappears but Notes.

I'll bet this is an ActiveSync, Outlook, or "other" program glitch and nothing Treo-specific. I've checked both ActiveSync and Outlook and can't find any setting that could be causing this. Any ideas/solutions?

My workaround was switching to PhatNotes for notes, but I'd love to find whatever the Notes problem is.