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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Ash View Post
    I was just referring to the actual GPS usage. Turn by turn is coming to the iPhone. When is the question though. And yes the Pro has telenav but you have to pay a fee to use it. Other than that out of the box the GPS functionality are more or less the same.
    I own Tom Tom from 3 Treos ago, will work on Treo Pro no monthly charge, some growing areas, maps may be out of date but can update for I think $80.
    One time charge, iphone GPS is not made to be that accurate, it isn't accurate for me at home at all, it depends on Towers, Tom Tom depends on Satellites.

    I think in order for GPS to ever work on the iphone, you will have to have Tel Nav a monthy fee, and TelNav doesn't work if you lose Data connection, I know am doing the 30 day trial. Or you will have to buy an external Blutooth interface like I had with my old Treos.
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    Skyfire on the Pro is probably your best bet as far as browsing on it.
    Thanks for this tip, I installed today on 750, WOW! Probably even better on 320x320 screen
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwisholland View Post
    Thanks for this tip, I installed today on 750, WOW! Probably even better on 320x320 screen
    Glad you are enjoying it.
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    Have a 680 for almost 2 years and ran over it with a tractor and cracked the screen. So i tried iPhone for 30 days, took it back, got a replacement screen for Treo, ahhhh, it's good to be back home! Here's some pointers -

    Loved GPS. Found to be quite accurate, but it was my first
    Screen size AWESOME
    Safari browser works as good as any computer (full HTML), mostly due to to zoom function by simply pinching or spreading two fingers (VERY nice!)
    Touch Launch (or whatever) interface easy to learn
    Sliding keyguard unlock should be on every phone
    Mocha VNC program (from iTunes) works well for accessing your home PC - although had to reconnect nearly every time the screen shutoff - with Palm it stays connected
    Every phone should go dark when held to your ear
    Alarm worked well and stopwatch feature was cool

    NOW the dealbreakers, in no particular order:
    -I keep my phone in a ziploc bag since I work in wet, dirty areas frequently. The infrared sensor that shuts off the screen when close to your head - (prevents unintended button presses by just the slightest touch) I like the screen blanking while on the phone, but the bag trips the sensor so I couldn't do anything while on the phone including end call!
    -iPhone occasionally seemed slow and would 'hang' for a few split seconds
    i.e., not respond to sliding the keyguard unlock until clicking screen off button, then on again
    -speaker only about half the volume (and 1/10 size) of Palm (I listen to some music, usually on the speaker)
    -no zoom on camera, NO VIDEO?!? (takes good pictures)
    -switch silences ringer ONLY, not ALL sound like Palm (neat ringtones)
    -can't change alert sound on some items(forget which ones-i.e. voicemail?)
    -no keyboard (on the web and some other apps that will run in horizontal mode, larger size makes it at least POSSIBLE to use (auto spell correct worked pretty well)
    -Palm calculator includes conversion for length, etc
    -can't repeat a monthly event by day (i.e. 3rd monday) (syncing with Outlook will allow you to put it in there-what if I'm not at my computer?DUH!)
    -can't even replace battery-sometimes running it dead had to charge for a while before it would turn on
    -notes app no categories, can't run horizontal for big keyboard
    -touchscreen not sensitive to pressure but static or something - CANNOT use stylus or pen or ANYTHING but fingers (or nose, etc.) not sure about gloves, at least with Palm I can answer with gloves on!
    -only 1 cable included, with Palm I have AC charger and can charge from sync cable

    To each his own, but my conclusion:
    Palm: great business oriented tool
    iPhone: cute toy
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    Opera works great for me on my 320x320 Pro. I have seen a few people say Opera Mobile is buggy however it is my browser of choice. I have only one small issue and that is that the bottom of the Opera window sometime it doesn't redraw until you scroll. However it is really not too noticable. I use Skyfire for as Opera can't run Hulu videos yet. But Opera is my default and I use it for everthing else. It seems smoother and easier to use then SF.

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