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    Hello Everyone, I've been using my 800w for about a month now. I'm still adjusting to the shock of moving from Palm os to Windows CE .

    I've used, with much success, PDA net to connect my laptop to the internet without being charged beyond my regular internet useage.

    I'm now looking for a way to access the GPS antenna on my 800w. Are there any techies that could help or any software that could give us access?

    The reason I mention PDA Net is that my laptop has an adhoc connection to my PDA (Wifi), the pda software runs on both units. They connect together. The program on the PDA accesses the internet and routes the information (via wifi) to the software on the laptop, genius!

    Now has anyone developed something like this to access the GPS antenna, then broadcast it via wifi to allow the laptop to use this information to plot a course? Or.. more simply make a program that can access the antenna on the 800w via bluetooth or usb, or for that matter wifi?

    Great forum.
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    You'd need to use a program to create a serial port (like GPSGate). You'd then need to share that serial port over bluetooth.

    Should be doable, but I've never tried it.
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    I'm looking also at x-port to see what can be done with that. Would like to impliment google world with this antenna, as well as share internet with my 800w. The thought of both things happening at the same time intrigues me. Any other thoughts or breakthroughs would be appreciated!

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