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However I tend to agree with Slem, even playlists are not possible in the free version.. I would not consider that to be power user stuff..
That's why I added the "probably". We did our best to pack Kinoma FreePlay with enough brilliant media support that most everybody would want it on their phone, but it's not possible to satisfy everybody.

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In the end I went back to the build in media player cause of the same reasons slem posted.. Kinoma free was just too kripled for me..
If you're happy with a super-basic music player but need playlist support, then I can see where Kinoma FreePlay wouldn't be your choice for music. Kinoma Play's the best choice in that case.

But it's not an either/or situation -- we have many folks who still use their old music player, but also depend on FreePlay for YouTube, or SHOUTcast, or Flickr, etc.

-- Charles Wiltgen