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    I have to go to the UK in a week for about 3 weeks and want to take my Treo 750 WM6, I havenít used it outside of Australia before and have heard some horror stories about costs if leaving any mobile on International Roaming.

    The mobile is unlocked so my thoughts are to get a local UK pre-paid Sim card.

    I have to go to Bedford, Belfast and possibly across the channel to Paris for a couple of days, does anyone have any advice i.e;

    1. Is there a single Telco who covers the three regions?

    2. Is there a single Telco that covers UK and Ireland as Paris leg may not happen?

    3. Are there pre-paid data plans available in UK?

    4. I find setting it to Manual GSM (E) works best for where I am in Australia i.e. GSM(900+1800)+UMTS(2100+850) which is the best for UK & Ireland can anyone give me the best settings for the UK & Ireland?

    5. I guess Iím after any advice or help anyone can provide BEFORE I leave Australia.

    Thanks in advance for reading and any help given.
    Treo 750 WM6.0 + Treo Pro WM6.1
    Carrier:Telstra Australia NextG (3G).
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    I'm based in the UK so can help...

    Belfast is in Northern Ireland, so actually falls within the UK (although it's not in the mainland). This makes things easier for you.

    So long as your Treo is unlocked you will be fine to buy a local SIM. Vodafone, o2, T-Mobile & Orange are the main carriers in the UK.

    You can buy Pay as you go SIM cards in the UK which would be fine for Bedford & Belfast. Data is typically expensive on Pay as You go, however I know that Vodafone & o2 also have some data bundles available on Pay as you go e.g. a fixed price for a set amount of data. Outside of the data allowance gets very expensive.

    All of these would networks would work fine in Paris although roaming charges on Pay as you go can be very expensive (far cheaper for contract users).

    I only have experience of Vodafone & o2 within the UK & Europe and they're both fine. As you've stated it's sometimes easier & more reliable to manually select the roaming network rather than leaving it on auto.

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