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    Engadget seems to think so:


    Back in late August, we heard whispers that a CDMA Treo Pro could be in the works. Since then, we haven't heard a peep on any progress.... until now, that is. The eagle-eyed mobile mavens over at WMExperts happened to notice a peculiar "Sprint Treo850e" sucking down 160kbps with .229s of latency on the network while checking out mobile speed tests. No surprise that the Treo 850 is better known as the Treo Pro, but finding that one is sneaking around on Sprint somewhere is. C'mon Sprint, how's about a joint release with the Touch Pro?
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    lol, err...that story broke here at WMExperts/TreoCentral & already has a thread here.

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    With the news about re-engergizing the Sprint Nextel iDen network, could this be a Windows Mobile device with Direct Connect? It might have pretty poor WWAN data, but with WiFi these speeds could be correct.

    The Blackberry Curve 8350i doesn't have EVDO, but it does have WiFi. And there is no Windows Mobile device with Direct Connect PTT (ok, there is the Motorola i920, but that is WinMo 5.0 Stanard) . Sprint always has had pretty good Windows Mobile support. So could this be the first Nextel Treo device?

    This is just speculation on my part. But it probably wouldn't upset current 800w owners too much if the "Treo Pro" traded EVDO for Direct Connect. And I know plenty of Direct Connect users that would love a Treo, but need Push-to-Talk. These folks are already considering the 8350i.

    I have no inside information on this topic.

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