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    simple story:
    no sprite backup, no bugs
    started doing scheduled daily backups, i'm pulling the cover a few times a day
    i've used memmaid and pmclean religiously before and after
    now i've gone back to no backups, no problems

    any thoughts? similar stories?
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    I had a problem with my 800w freezing. I had it scheduled to run a Sprite backup each AM @ 6, and to reset when done. It was plugged into the wall charger overnight and everyday it hung during the reset. I would have to pull the battery to reset manually. Since I re-scheduled the backup to later in the day, and always when NOT plugged into the charger, no issues.
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    I had problems with reliable backups done by Sprite in the OEM release on the 800W, hence I ended up with SPB Backup - I have not tried the newest release.
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    I never had issues with Sprite Backup, along with Memmaid. The only issue, or maybe not, I had was I had Memmaid delete temps, delete/rebuild notifications, etc at 4:30am and Sprite Backup at 5. I never saw the the Memmaid completion screen, so I never knew if it ever started or even finished. So I changed the setup from Sprite at 4:30am and Memmaid at 5am. Either way, I never had issues. How do you have Memmaid configured?

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