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    Is there an unlocked non-camera 800w? I have to get one as I got a job working in a sensitive area. Hope I can get some help to get one.

    I have tried all ways to get the Treo 750v that is avail from Singapore where I am from. But no luck. Palm Singapore and its distributor will not bring one in just for me.

    Anyone can offer help will be much appreciated.

    Can't live without my treo. Now going to work is horrible, got to change to an old Nokia phone yaks

    any leads will be most grateful.
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    No. There never will be.
    The phone is Carrier locked to Sprint, and has a Camera.
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    I can't help you with the 800w, but I can help you with the 750. There really was a 750 no camera version offered out there somewhere. How do I know? Because I ordered and purchased the non-camera housing for the 750 and I installed it on my sprint treo 755p (same housing) so I ould use my 755p in a secure enviroment. You need to do the same thing. if you can't find a non-camera 750, then get a 750 for your carrier and then get a non-camera 750 housing and swap the two. it really wasn't a big deal, it was only a small portion of the housing that needed to be swapped. Actually I left the camera in, but it was totally covered by the new housing. I ordered my housing from a far eastern ditributor of cell phone housings. They did not specifically have the non-camera model listed, but I sent them an email and they said they had it in stock. Cost me abou $60 shipped from hong kong (i think) but it was totally wortrh it to use my treo at work.

    do a search on ebay or google with the keywords treo 750 housing and that will get you in the right direction. again, you are going to have to email these vendors, as they do not advertise the non-camera units. The noncamera houising is pretty nice. it does not have the camera hole at all. it says "palm" really big where the camera hole and self-portrait mirror would normally be.

    hope this helps and for those who care, I sent this from my redfly (this thing rocks!)
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    Thanks car designer, much appreciated. Yah I'm using the Treo 750 now. Can't think of parting with the Treo and using a normal phone yaks.

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