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    I want the treo Pro. My company uses exchange 2003 sp2. There is no IMAP open, but we do have OWA.

    Can I get push email or pull or nothing the pro without asking my IT guys to do anything? What about live communicator?

    Thanks for all the help.
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    For what it is worth to connect to my companys exchange server I set my exchange settings to OWA.****.COM. Does that mean we use OWA or it will work for you? You got me as I know Jack about networks.

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    so do you get push email that way? what about live communicator?
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    Doesn't the Treo Pro comes with the default mail account like in the WM 6.1 that you can use with Exchange OWA?
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    that's the big question, is will OWA access be the only thing needed to enable exchange activsync direct push....i am sure IT will not modify anything for my sake., so I need to be sure.
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    The Treo Pro is like every other Windows mobile phone. It will sync to Exchange but only if your IT dept has configured Exchange Active Sync correctly.

    You should before you b uy.
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    in palm os, chatter ex works perfectly with my owa address. does that indicate anything?
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    that doesn't really mean anything. While OWA and exchange sync use similar technology its not the same.

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