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    Hi, I have a 700wx with BELL as the carrier .... I used "NightRavens" WM6 Rom (unbranded) .... everything seems to work great except I cannot make phone calls. It picks up the Bell tower, full strength .... dial a number and ...nothing, and it just "hangs up". Sometimes it intermittantly "loses" the tower/signal even though it's in a coverage area.
    Anyone with a similar issue?
    I should mention this unit was purchased used from ebay and was not tested when received(it came in French language and had to change the ROM to english)So this could be a defective unit from the start!
    I checked the firmware and PRL of the phone prior to the flash(ROM) and the firmware is still the same ROWEN-FR and same PRL for Bell.

    I am thinking going with the Sprint FW using the cdmaupdater.exe mentioned on this forum before for a Telus handset ..... maybe this will cure the issue? Or should I just try flashing "ebag's" ROM(and remove his firmware.bin)??
    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated
    P.S. The "title" of this thread was NOT implying anything about Nightraven's ROM ..... it just sounded catchy!
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    i would try flashing it again. if that doesnt work then flash back to 5, reprovision it, then back to 6. have you tried a soft or hard reset? try both first.
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    x2 on what Flipfone said.

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