Hey folks,

Which accessory(ies) do you guys have for your Pro's? Which ones do you recommend? Obviously, we all need more space, so I have a 4GB microSD card so far.

Palm.com has a bunch of accessories for sale, along with a full $30 off when you purchase over $120. It can be combined/stacked with other e-coupons, and shipping is also free.

I'm looking for a case (the leather case from Palm.com is $30 - whatever coupons are used). I'm thinking of getting the cradle, too, but does it charge a spare battery or not??

I'm also thinking of getting a few screen protectors, especially since it's a flush screen. I want some that do not take away from the gorgeous screen, though. So very very thin ones.

So what do you all have/are thinking of getting/suggesting for me and others to get??

Treo's are the BEST. I'm Crunch, and I approve this message.