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    I am running Skype on Treo Pro, my bluetooth earphone does not work. I contacted Skype tech support, got the following reply:
    Please note that not all your Bluetooth headset features may be available during a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call. Whether the buttons correctly work or not, highly depends on your Bluetooth stack (drivers).

    To use Skype, your Bluetooth device also needs to support the so called "headset" profile.

    Please contact your mobile device and/or your headset manufacturer for more specific help

    please provide your feedback. I am willing to buy a new bluetooth to meet the requirement, but I am not sure if I even understand the requirement. My IQ is on the low end of the scale... Please HELP!!!

    p/s does anyone have a bluetooth earphone works with Skype on Treo Pro?
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    Skype on WM only works via the speakerphone or via a wired headset, no bluetooth.
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