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    Just a quick note, ( ) has the TREO PRO in stock for $469.99.

    Thought you folks would be interested!

    Tom McElvy
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    Thanks for the tip, that is a very good price!
    Chuck LaPenta
    Discount Electronics Store
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    Quote Originally Posted by lapantz4less View Post
    Thanks for the tip, that is a very good price!
    Yes it is and Newegg is a reputable place to purchase on the internet, but..

    Note that my reading of Newegg's return policy on unlocked cellphones is that it can only be returned if defective in the first thirty days - and even then only for an exchange of the same item.

    So make absolutely sure you will be happy with the device before ordering via the Newegg route
    Daniel Levin
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    I think on my 2nd TP, I am going Amazon. I have to pay New Egg shipping so it comes out to the same price getting it overnight from Amazon. And I have certificates for Amazon.
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    Most people have to pay taxes from Amazon though. At least I do.
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    Thanks for the tip tommc4! This deal sounds pretty good and the Treo Pro is looking good as well.
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    I just ordered one from ($499) using American Express points since Amex is now running a 20% off deal with points (plus no taxes or shipping).

    10/24 As an update, I found to be very unresponsive about the order so I canceled and then AT&T came out with the Epix and since I my contract is up for renewal, I ordered that instead.
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    I just visited Amazon and the price has been dropped to $499:

    While it's not a huge bargain by any means, it may be a great alternative to if you live in an area (such as California) where you need to pay the sales tax. Also , if you use BillMeLater you save an additional $10. No shipping charge. The total in my shopping cart is $489.00 (I haven't pressed the "Place Order" button yet.)

    Just an FYI.
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    I got mine through NewEgg.
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    Got mine of eBay for $408! Thought it was a great price. NIB, too.
    Treo Pro ROCKS! I am a lucky one to have one. XPS M1730s ROCK!! (I wish I had one!) My laptop ROCKS! (Even though it isn't an M1730)
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    I'm assuming these are all for the unlocked GSM version, not a pre-sale of the Sprint?

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    They got to be unlocked GSM versions yeah!
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    It was on's "goldbox" yesterday for 349.99 out the door!!

    Back to $449.99 now, but its promising to see the unlocked GSM version going so cheap.

    EDIT: If only it had Tmobile's AWS band for 3G and I'd be totally set.

    Alas, i wait for STP...
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    Wow I ordered mine a day before! To bad I missed the deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AshDOG View Post
    Wow I ordered mine a day before! To bad I missed the deal.
    Same here. Got mine last week from Amazon.

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