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    well, I picked up a 800w to replace 700p (it was on the verge of replacement and did not want a Centro), Also I was waiting until either the HTC Touch Pro came out or the Treo with Palm's long overdue Treo with the new OS. My mother needed a replaement phone so I gave her my "brick" of a smartphone. (said by the Sprint sales rep. at the store), she was not eligible to upgrade but I was. Amway's, is their anything I should look out for on this phone (I have downloaded the 2 new patches from palms site)?
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    If you do email, be prepared for a trip with Pocket Outlook.
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    Be sure and allow calls to come through during data sessions - you may miss calls if you don't

    Start -> Settings -> Phone -> Services -> Data Settings -> Uncheck the first box.

    You can delete unwanted shortcuts from the programs menu by going to Windows/Start menu/Programs/ in the file explorer and moving/deleting unwanted short cuts. For example, I created a folder called crap and moved all the Sprint programs and other stuff (Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, Get Pocket Express, etc.) to that folder. If for some strange reason I want them, they're still there. But otherwise, they're no longer wasting space in my Programs menu.

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