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    The Treo Pro's:
    The Different Versions of Treo Pro's

    Before you do Anything,
    Do Sprite Backups!
    Very Important -->
    Do Sprite Backups!

    For Treo Pro users, this thread is similar to the 750 suggested sticky thread, following the tradition started by Sunmoon. The suggestions here are focused for the Treo Pro users.

    If you have some more suggestions that are exclusively for the Treo Pro or threads listed here that do not apply to the Treo Pro, please PM me ASAP.

    Thank you for the suggestion by berdinkerdickle for Treo Pro forum users.

    General Guidelines

    Official TC Forum Guidelines

    General Information

    Sprint Treo Pro: Your Questions Answered

    Windows Mobile FAQ

    Treo Pro Battery Chargers - Car, Wall, and/or AC Adaptors

    Which Data Plan for Pro?

    BEST deal to order the non-subsidized Treo Pro??

    How much did you pay for your Treo Pro??

    Must Have's, Killer Apps, Replacement Apps, etc.

    (NEW) Palm 800w Threaded SMS for the Treo Pro - by hannip
    (May still be in Beta)

    (NEW) Treo Alert Pro for the Treo Pro - by hannip

    (Recommended) Ebags Real VGA (Increased resolution, application compatability)
    (Ask your Doctor if RealVGA is right for you. People with poor eyesight should not use RealVGA)

    My Perfect Treo Pro Setup (SORRY Thread is missing, we are searching)

    Dieter's Article:
    My Perfect Treo Pro Setup

    Software you must have on Treo Pro

    Fixes and Solutions

    List of all pre-installed software + reports of programs that do/don't work

    "Official" GSM Treo Pro Bug List

    no call waiting when using bluetooth

    GPS Settings

    USB Charging problems, who's the culprit?

    Functional Fixes and Registry Hacks

    (NEW) Treo Pro Reg Edits - Cab Style by Cody

    (NEW) Manage Today Wireless Plugin Control by Cody

    (Recommended) No Physical SoftKeys - Options/WorkArounds/Assigning

    Registry Edits / Tweaks


    Bluetooth headsets and the Pro

    How To Stuff

    how to install *.cab? and which folder to install into?

    What does your TODAY SCREEN look like?
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