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  1.    #1 is down... can someone point me to another repository for Sirius WM5? I just upgraded to WM6 and am Sirius-less
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    Gracias. While the site was dead, I went looking for other options and stumbled across C-apiSRO... it's got a nice feature set and looks good. Now if I could just get it to make sounds

    If I don't get it working soon, I'll come back to Sirius WM5 as it's been "good enough" for the last couple of years.
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    No problem...good luck.
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    I received an insurance replacement yesterday and cannot find sirius wm5 download for xv6700.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deaserputt View Post
    i hope my post count is enough now
    Lol you are nuts.
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    Geekstoolbox seems to be down again... I've tried over the last few days and can't reach it. Tried from home, work, and Treo with same timeout error.

    Anyone happen to have the Sirius WM5 cab stored somewhere that I could grab it from?
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    Finally got it today... after a couple dozen attempts.
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    what is it ?
    I am going to look by myself

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