I just re-installed SEVEN on my Treo Pro on Windows Mobile 6.1. It sort of works but not really.

The Treo's are not part of the list anyway, and neither is WM6.1. Is it even compatible with Windows Mobile 6.1?

While I don't get any error messages per se, when I send myself email from my Windows Live account to my Gmail account, it won't push at all.

Windows Live works BEST. I was just going to send myself an email from an AOL acct., and whoops, didn't have to, a regular email pushed onto the device.

I figured out one workaround:

If you guys get the message: "Your battery is low, so SEVEN is discontinuing to conserve power" message, as I did, do this:

Uncheck the box "Turn push off, if below 20% battery", and the error message won't re-appear.

Have you Treo Pro owners experienced similar issues as described above??

I really like the whole setup process, very easy, no need for an Exchange account, but it clearly it has compatibility problems. Hmm...