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    Hi gang,

    I just upgraded from the Treo 650 to the Treo 755p, and the Treo 755p is absolutely noticeably better in every single way! Except for one tiny little thing....

    I'm frustrated by how difficult it now is to type in the PERCENT SIGN.

    In the past on the Treo 650, all we had to do was type the letter "P" and then hit the "Alt" key and choose the percent symbol. It was quick, simple, and easy!

    But now, the percent symbol no longer appears underneath the letter "P" anymore. I discovered that I could bring up the % key by just hitting "Alt" on its own, but then it does something very bizarre -- the percent symbol OVERWRITES the previous number (or letter) that you just typed! So if you're trying to type 50%, it will end up as 5%. So now, I'm getting in the habit of typing in 500% when what I want is 50%. But even after all of that, it then puts the cursor back before the % sign! So you have to move the cursor forward again!

    So frustrating because this used to be so easy.

    I just discovered tonight that I could press Menu-K to bring up a menu of keyboard characters, and it seems like I can quickly select the "%" symbol there (although it does require a tap on the screen since it can't be navigated with the 5-way navipad).

    So that's probably going to be the way I do it from now on... unless somebody knows of a quicker way to bring up the percent sign without having to tap on the screen? Any quick "ALT" shortcuts like in the olden days?

    Thanks for any ideas!

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    This forum if for the 750 (Windows Mobile). You might get a better response in the 755p forums.
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    Haha.. oops, thanks!

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