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  • Yes, paint is wearing off my center/palm button

    29 41.43%
  • Yes, paint is wearing off my d-pad

    37 52.86%
  • Yes, paint is wearing off other buttons/areas of phone

    7 10.00%
  • No, center/palm button still looks like new

    12 17.14%
  • No, d-pad still looks like new

    9 12.86%
  • No, other buttons/areas of phone still look like new

    15 21.43%
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    I have not had this issue, but I suspect it is something we all may experience in time.

    How can anyone be certain that a Silicon Cover Case would prevent this? It seems even pressing buttons through a cover might cause wear. But I've never used a Silicon Cover Case, so I'm just speculating. What do you who have used Silicon Cover Cases think?
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    Well, I used one on both my 650 and 700P - both devices looked brand new when I went to sell/ebay them.

    Of course, I'm not certain, but the dpads on those may have been all metal vs painted plastic.
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    Mine's going quickly too. The D pad is wearing off from 10 o'clock to 4 and the paint is wearing away at the top from the Sprint logo to the edge (ha!) of the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dslunceford View Post
    Well, I used one on both my 650 and 700P - both devices looked brand new when I went to sell/ebay them.

    Of course, I'm not certain, but the dpads on those may have been all metal vs painted plastic.
    I just upgraded to the T800w from the T650 I had been using for years. I never used a Silicon Cover Case on my old T650 and it still looked new in the D Pad area when I sold it. But there were not complaints so soon after release like with this device. I think the D Pad on the T650 probably was somehow different. Either all metal or some better type of paint. Still good to know the Silicon Cover Case seemed to do what it's supposed to do.

    I'm thinking it might be best to be proactive on this one, because it looks like lots of people are experiencing the issue. And just looking at the T800w, it just looks like the paint will all rub off. But the Silicon Cover Case probably won't fit my ProClip and it would be a hassle to have to take on and off when getting in and out of the car. I may just have to live with the prospect of the paint rubbing off.
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    My paint is wearing off the d-pad (5 way). The center button is still fine.

    I have no doubt it's because I tend to use my thumb nail more than my thumb on the 5 way, chipping the paint. My 700wx did not do that, but it did have the start button icon wear off, and the paint on the 5 way was starting to wear through (granted after nearly 2 years).

    My soft touch paint is chipped up a bit...but that's due to me being abusive and dropping it. :frown:

    Either way it doesn't bug me much. I'm more concerned with how it functions rather than how it looks.
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    Mines too!
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    Silicone is the way to go.
    Makes the button easier to use as well.
    Also its easier to grip and if you drop it ,its armored.
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    My treo has marks/gashes on the upper corners from dropping it a few times (I wish it had metal corners like my razr), and the dpad is missing paint from a small area on the right edge. Probably from using my fingernail on that part, as I use the pad of my thumb on the rest of it.
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    I joined the cellphone thing late: razr v3m->treo 800w
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    Quote Originally Posted by Les Anderson View Post
    Mine is trashed! Has been for a few weeks.
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    no problems here
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    I've been using a silicone skin that covers the center buttons for that sole reason, otherwise I would have bought a Seidio product. I realized that those buttons get a ton of use, and would probably chip first.

    To those who get pissed off or are embarassed of your ugly button...just get a silicon case for $10 to cover it up :-P.
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    Has anyone tried these replacement keypads? Are these legit? cellulardr/Treo-680-Keypad.htm
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    I think I'll get a silicon case in case I ever find a game I like, although I don't plan to use it much now. But I'll have it handy in case I start doing something that involves me wearing on the buttons a whole lot.
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    I just got my 800w from ebay used. Looks like the D pad is worn off into some dark colored plastic looking thing... Anyone tried to paint over it or replace the Dpad? I heard HTC touch users were experiencing similar problems as well
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    My center button has a nice big chip in it from the top of the "a" to the bottum of the "a" and the whole bottum part of the directly pad from where it starts to curve on each side is wornin down to black. It only took about a month of use to get it there. Never happened on my 650 and took over two years to happen on my 700p. Other than that the keys and the rest of the phone is mint.
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