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    The OK button on my Pro is not flush with the face of the phone (see photo) but raised slightly. This results in a permanent 'bend' of the button. Although the button works fine, and a casual observer wouldn't notice it, I can't help but be bugged by it. Does anyone else's phone have this? Is it acceptable, and should I just forget about it?
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    Mine is also bent upward. Nothing I worry about. Looking veeeeery close, I see that the WindowsLogo-button is ever so slightly bent too. I imagine this is due to a tiny amount of excess plastic somewhere.
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    Same as mine.
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    Mine is not, but as you're using the TP a bit more you'll see that the area around the windows and ok buttons will deform from pressing it (you can tell by the reflection when you hold it at certain angles).

    I assume that at one point we'll have to replace the front panel or else buy the Treo Pro 2 by that time
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    Both my Windows and OK are up a bit (just a tiny bit), but I like it so I can feel where they are without looking

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    My calendar button sticks up a bit and also it depresses deeper and at an angle on the corner as if it is hung up. I worry it will become stuck. I'll warrantee it then and if it is outside the warrantee I'll dismantle it and shave off a sliver with a razor blade. I guess since its so common I won't worry about it to much.

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