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    So you would think that if you went to the settings menu and unchecked missed call notification, you wouldn't get the onscreen(left soft key) "notification". But you do, same issue with voicemail. I can stop it from vibrating or playing a sound but not from doing the silly two step notification.

    Is anyone else able to disable the notification or is this another in the list of bugs. If so is there registry tweeking that can be done?

    I know this doesn't sound like a big deal but I am constanty forwarding the call from my phone to another line and I have to go clear out the notification 30 times a day.

    It's just sad things arn't tested!!!!! Do you think palm would prioritize Quality Control if we collectivly returned a couple hundred units????????
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    Palm is not to blame here. This is a Windows Mobile PPC "feature" that has existed on previous WM PPC phones. I agree, the duplicate notification is a bit annoying.

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