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    I've been looking at Ultimatelauncher and going over some of its capabilities.
    Are there any bugs or problems with it on the 800W?
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    I have been very impressed with ultimate launch and the 800w's compatibility. looks great and alows for tons of customizations. I use real VGA with mort script and set it to 96dpi which I think makes everything fit better and look cleaner. all of wich you can find with a google search. Ultimate Luanch also alows for a reloading of the screen just in case the device gets bogged down. Make sure you don't over do it and have to many things running at once. Also the occasional hard reset is required but I find that to be the norm with all devices. all in all I am very happy with UL. hope it works out well for you.
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    I have been using UL for over two months along with Ebag's RealVga. UL works great. I haven't had to hard reset device because of UL. Every now and then I endup needing to soft reset although probably not because of UL since I have other 3rd-party software as well (QuickMenu, TodayAgenda, Pocket Digital Clock are the main ones).

    But it takes quite bit of time to get it configured to ones liking (atleast it did for me) since they are so many things to configure in UL. So be prepared for getting sucked into UL if you are perfectionist kind of person.

    Some minor issues:

    - Original (stock) 'Tasks' and 'Email' Today plugin donot show up in plugin list of UL. Not sure why.
    - Google search plugin (what is present in stock today screen) does not seem to work for me when I used it with in UL. Also windows live search plugin doesn't work as expected for me when used with in UL.
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    UL has been running great for me for about a month now. Like others, I'm using it with RealVGA and it rocks. I had one issue last night (this site is like a jinx sometimes - only get the problems as soon as a thread is posted, like this one) in which I was screwing around with UL and changed it from slide to stripes and that was it....most of my screens were gone. No today's plugins, no clock, no weatherpanel, but the screens with all the UL icons worked as did the rest of the phone. The soft keys were screwed up too. I had just put personal digital clock on earlier in the day and attribute it to that or some other 3rd app which caused the problem as I haven't otherwise had an issue. I was able to restore, had to completely reinstall weatherpanel, but it all came out okay. Just lost some text messages. Other than that, just one or two minor freezes when trying to adjust some plug in settings.

    So I think it is probably fairly stable. I'll probably dump the PDC as it is a superfluous screen anyway. Once you learn it, its easy to manipulate and doesn't hang or freeze the phone on a regular basis in my experience.
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    anyone using it together with spb mobile shell?
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    I don't think you can since mobile shell replaces the today screen...
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