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    Quote Originally Posted by wilme2 View Post
    So the Palm cradle won't work with any skin? I have the Sedio case that Sprint is selling - won't fit?
    No - the phone fits into the Palm cradle very snugly. There's no extra room for a case or skin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oVan View Post
    I really like the original Palm cradle, especially since I don't use a spare battery. I've posted a little review with photos here. ps: From what I read, the 3rd party cradle with room for spare battery doesn't charge that second battery very well?
    Does it still fit with the BodyGuardz on it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by furiousyellow View Post
    Does it still fit with the BodyGuardz on it?
    Nope, mine doesn't fit with the BodyGuardz skin on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsage View Post
    Nope, mine doesn't fit with the BodyGuardz skin on it.
    Depends a bit, I've removed the side skins and now I can use the cradle, although it's a tight fit.
    Inserting the TP is the easiest. To remove it from the cradle, I put one hand on the cradle to hold it, and with the other hand I pull out the TP upwards.
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    It wouldn't fit even with an invisibleSheild installed for me, so I doubt anything will fit.
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    Looks like Seido has a new Innodock Jr. coming out for the Pro. Guess I will wait.

    Hey Palm! This is silly - the device is too slick not to use a skin. Even Sprint is selling skins now...
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    The Seido cradle works great with the Innocase
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