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    OctroTalk 2.0 for Windows Mobile - this version now has real time Video Conferencing with VoIP, File Transfer, Instant Messaging and Avatar support. You can have video calls if you have OctroTalk running at both ends. OctroTalk desktop version also supports video conferencing.

    You can also stream live video to Web. Add to your buddy list in OctroTalk, and make a video call to this buddy. Users can look at what you are streaming by going to and entering the username as your JID. (Your JID is your Jabber/Gmail ID that you are using to log onto OctroTalk.

    Download at
    To download it directly to your Pocket PC,

    Currently the front camera support is for Samsung Blackjack, and not for HTC phones (HTC hasn't opened up their API).

    For feedback & support,
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    Thanks for the links. Just downloaded it and tried it out and it seems to work well on the 800w. I look forward to testing it out further.
    One irritating thing is that when I send an IM it keeps beeping on my phone, even with the sound switch off. Perhaps there is a setting I haven't found yet to disable. If anyone knows how to disable the 'beep' on sending an IM, please let me know
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    @Perretd - so your device beeps when you send an IM through octrotalk or when you receive it? It should not beep when you send it. And, you can change the settings for beep while receiving IMs by going to Start->Settings->Sounds&Notifications.
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    I tried video chat with OctroTalk. It worked. Real amazing!!!
    My girlfriend installed OctroTalk on desktop and i on my phone. I have never seen any other application do this.
    Surprisingly, video streaming also works.
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    Latest release of OctroTalk also has audio VoIP call through SiP provider. The desktop version has also be up dated.
    To be able to make video calls between the mobile device and the desktop, you must install the new Windows Desktop build (2.10).
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    OctroTalk software is now $29.95. This is one time cost. The license is for single user and is not transferable, except during the first year, the user can swich devices up to 5 times. OctroTalk now has IM, P2P file transfer, VoIP, Audio call through SIP service provider, Video Chat or Conference, Live video streaming.

    OctroTalk for Windows desktop will continue to be free for now.
    Is there any other mobile phone device with video chat?
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