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    My Mini has a built in handsfree which works good. How can I disconnect the 'headset' so I can get out of my car and not look like some loon talking to nobody?


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    I have built in bluetooth in my car too. (VW) If you shut off the car, the phone should recognize it and start the normal earpiece. Or you can go to menu on a call and select Turn Off Handsfree.
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    Is there an indication on the today screen bluetooth icon for when there is a bluetooth device connected? The Treo 750 turned the icon from blue to white to indicate if there was any device connected or not. My new Pro only shows on or off but the icon never changes color, Am I mising something?
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    There is a little headphone symbol that is displayed when the bluetooth device is IN USE. But there isn't a symbol that I know of to indicate a bluetooth device is "connected" like the 750 and the 700w/wx used to do.

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