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    I have Opera as my default borwser. After a hard reset the hyperlinks use Opera instead of IE. But the Google search on my today screen uses IE buy default and I don't know how to get it to use Opera. I don't have a registry editor and frankly don't know how to use one.

    Anyone have an easy fix short of messing with a registry setting?

    Edited to add I'll try a reg hack if anyone knows one.
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    No solutions??

    I installed the advanced configuration utility and still can't figure this out. I'm sure it's simple and the solution is right under my nose. Very frustrating!!!
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    Set Opera as your default browser should do the trick
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    I have it set as defautl, and soft reseted. It works for everything but the Google Search on my Today screen. I have also removed it and added it. It stil brings up IE not Opera.
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    It does this for me too. What I do is have Google's mobile page as my home page in Opera so if I start Opera (I have remapped a softkey for that) then I have a Google search field and it's in Opera.
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    I have the soft key enabled too. It would be nice to fix the search on the Today screen though.
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    Had a look in the registry, and it points to a DLL, so I suspect that you'd have to modify that before it will work . That, or write your own custom one and replace it. For reference, they Registry Key is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Today\Items\"Web Search", and the DLL is \Windows\WebSearchPlugin.dll
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    Wow, could they have made it more of a pain?

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