Disable New Email Notification

WM6 has an annoying feature that it will show a notification everytime you receive an email or have a meeting reminder. You can't turnthis off using the conventional settings menu so follow these steps toturn it off:

With a registry editor, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Notifications\
set value "Options" from 1 to 20000000 (hexadecimal) or 536870912 (decimal)
No need to restart either...just wait for the next email and you'll be singing my praises.

Note that this disables email notifications completely, so if you want just a sound or a vibe, you'll have to use some other tool (e.g. MortScript) to achieve that.

I want to disable my notification pop up windows because its a pain in the rear.

1) What does it disable besides the email notifications and Calendar reminders? I have seen where it doenst disable missed calls (this is a good thing.)

2) If I do this, I then need a program to be able to add back in some sort of notification sounds for email (and what ever else it disables.) Any suggestions ??? for programs and where to get any cab files for something that will do audible notifications while this hack is in place?