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    Hey guys all of a sudden I'm getting an annoying error everytime I sync my 800w with my laptop, the error is as follows:

    "The following appointments failed to synchronize from the device:
    1. Subject: Suzuki payment due
    Time: 8/27/07 12:00 AM
    Duration: 0 minutes
    2. Subject: Sallie Mae payment due
    Time: 8/28/07 12:00 AM
    Duration: 0 "

    I don't get it... these appointments are in the past and I have even deleted the appointments but the error still comes up.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    What are you syncing to? Outlook, Exchange Activesync, etc.?

    If you are syncing with Outlook or Exchange, in your folder list you may see a folder called Sync Issues. I would also delete anything that may show up in there.
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    I have seen this before. I found that the user archived his past appointments and caused this issue. Check your on your pc and see if they are still there. If not try recreating it or restoring it from the archive if it got archived. This worked for me and hope it works for you. Unless you really need a copy of your past appointments I would just delete them rather than archiving.
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    I get some wierd thing about 1440 minutes or days. It still syncs so i dont care too much.
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    It happened to me a couple of times. Just go into your 800w Programs folder, hit search, type in the appts in question, then just delete it. Then re-sync & it should be fixed.

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