ive been looking around for a program I used to have on my old phone, but I don't know what it was called. It has been SOOOO LOOONGG ago, i cant remember it it was for my 600 or my 700WX. which makes a big difference because one is PALM and the other is WM. Maybe someone can suggest one thats similar for the 700 WX.

What this program did was allow change the way the phone rang and acted depending on certain time schedules you set. for example... you set WORK: 7a-5p and you want the ringer to be silent and txt to vibrate only. and set HOME: 5p-7a and want the ringer to be full volume and txt to still be silent.

this allowed you to never have to move the mute switch and also for you to manually change to a different setting with the press of a button.

Anyone got any suggestions? I have downloaded a couple demo apps hoping to find it again but no luck yet. Thanks for any help. - G