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    A feew things I feel like I'm missing on the Pro.

    1. is there a way to send text messages by clicking the center Palm button. Instead of tapping send on the screen?

    2. Is there a way to click the space bar to go to the address bar in PIE?

    3. Make alt the menu button instead of it being on screen?

    I like the device, but those few things for me would make it more usable. What about you all?
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    well the title said one handed use, going from a Tilt to this, the one handed use is a whole lot better... but on the lines of what your talking about

    1.) an power down feature would be pretty nice

    2.) maybe get a license for a better default explorer then file explorer.. resco or total commander would do the job

    3.) somehow miracioulsy, when i wake up.. Manilla 2D works perfectly on my phone
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    wow, how would i install that?

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