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    Nearly all the email accounts can be downloaded in WM6.1, but I can only access hotmail via web interface. Why stupid Bill Gates let us windows (mobile) users so painful?!
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    I have no problem accessing my Hotmail. Just use the wizard to set it up as a new account.
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    i have one, whenever you setup it through "Setup Email", it will automatically goes to IE and let me access hotmail via website. So I can NEVER really setup a hotmail email account like GMAIL, YAHOO etc.

    And if I go to windows live, it gives me "MSN, Hotmail, Sync" 3 options, I can log in via MSN, but whenever I click Hotmail, it links back to "Setup Email" interface.

    So over and over again, I can never setup a hotmail account under, what the hell?!!!
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    Can you set it up as a account? That's what I did and it works fine. It doesn't go to IE. I didn't do it through Windows Live, I just did it in the email app just like I did for Gmail.
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    Check this thread out. It's what I use. Yes, it may be another program - but it uses Outlook.
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    thank you guys! I finally managed to setup a hotmail account. It's really not easy, I even don't know why it suddenly works.

    Now I'm just curious to know if I can sync all the email accounts at the same time manually?

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