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    Either you guys have problem apps installed, need to clear your IE cache, have possibly corrupt email / SMS messages, have many appointments or background running tasks running (like Voice Command, Push email, etc. and turn EVERYTHING you don't need off)...or you all have defective phones...
    Or get a utility such as MemMaid and set it up to automatically clean up things for you everyday.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    Hello there,
    here in Italy we have many Vodafone-branded Treos Pro phones experiencing a bitter issue: during a call (no matter if incoming, outcoming, 3G, GPRS or other) the phone application RESTARTS with no user intervention (I mean accidental button or screen pressure). The app restarts by itself with no actual reason as if it was turned off voluntarily. Obviously calls are dropped... I need to switch the phone radio on and enter the PIN code again (and call my friend with my apologies).

    No wi-fi, no data connection are running... no additional software installed, it's a pure Treo Pro...

    Vodafone is admitting the bug but says it's up to Palm to resolve!

    Does anyone experience something similar?

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    Can you make ring tone volume larger?
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