I have owned the Treo 800w for about 3 weeks now and i have been checking this forum everyday so far to see if there is any issue to the battery drain. In my own opinion, i think i just been spoiled by the 700wx which can outlast any other smartphones out there when used in a similar fassion. ( i also owned the blackberry, bold 9000, curve 8300, and world 8800) I just go through days without charging 700wx and i am wanting that with my 800w
This is the second 800w, i have returned the first one because it arrived to me in the mail with a dead battery and it would not charge up. Second one started up like a charm with 5% battery on it.

So this week, i did a test to ease my questions a little..

Tests were done at exactly 12:00am to 6:00am (times that im doing work and nobody calling to bother) - with the battery fully charged - 3 hours charge. Also all programs closed through task manager before i pull the plug.

Programs Running - 2 Emails: Microsoft Live - hotmail sync every 60 minutes, and a custom email domain with email sync every 60 min.

First Test: Phone standard setting - from hard reset
12:00am - 100% battery
6:00am - 86% battery

Second Test - Every Option On: bluetooth, Wifi (but not connected),Power Vision, Location On, GPS settings checked
12:00am - 100% battery
6:00am - 48% battery

Third Test - Same as Second test but with Wifi connected to home network
12:00am - 100% battery
6:00am - 41% battery

Fourth Test - Same as Third test and connected gps with google earth active
12:00am - 100% battery
6:00am - dead

Fifth Test - With palms battery tips for 800w on their support site
12:00am - 100% battery
6:00am - 93%

Sixth Test - Same As fifth but location set to 911 only
12:00am - 100% battery
6:00am - 94% battery

Sevent test - well i decided im sick and tired of test and come up with conclusion

the treo800w has many capabilities - it doesnt mean you should use them at all times - If you want to compare the 800w to other phones, then you should even out the playing field by disabling options that the other phone doesnt have.
I think the battery can and should have been made better - but once you learn to live with this small battery, the treo 800w is the best business pda you will ever own to date.
Be aware: i said business standpoint, not entertainment standpoint. I would think the iphone wins that category.