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    Hi Everyone out there,

    Have a quick question for you all. I have been a loyal Treo user (650) for many years and I am going to take the plunge and upgrade to the Pro. I should be getting it next week.

    I have never been a big fan of Internet Explorer even going back to the 650. Is there a newer and compatible browser that works with the Pro??? Was thinking about Opera but the PRo is still too new to be listed as a trusted device.

    Any thoughts out there for those who already have the Pro????

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    I'm in love with Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta. It's very stable, decently fast, and renders pages WAY better than IE.

    Try it out here:

    One annoying thing is that it presumes you don't have a keyboard, even if you do. So often, it will pop up the s/w keyboard, which is pretty annoying and takes up screen real estate. Also, There's no hardkey/shortcut to go to the address bar automatically (on 650 you could press Space Bar regardless fo where you were).

    Anyway, it's free! Try it out and see if you can't get addicted like I am ><

    EDIT: Had to hack the URL a bit since I'm not allowed to post them yet ...obviously, throw a www in front of that
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    I think some are using Nullkb to stop kb from popping up in Opera.
    It was discussed recently here in the pro forum.

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