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    So, it seems like other devices can be charged using the Pro's microusb cables,


    the Pro cannot be charged by the other devices' OEM cables. Interesting...

    I even found that plugging the Pro's cable into a USB car charger would not work, though the same configuration works fine to charge a headest. Strange indeed.
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    yeah, i had the same issue. i ended up buying a $14 combo mini/micro usb cable made by Rocketfish to replace the cable in my car. i tried the adapter with another mini-USB cable and it didn't work. the things we do to use our toys when/where we want to use them.
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    I have a moto-q car charger and it works
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    This has been covered in another thread on this site. In short you need what is labeled a "charging micro-usb configuration" It actually shorts two pins together to do this. A standard micro usb configuration will not deliver enough power but the charging format does.

    I bought some no-name micro charger and it works fine. The good news is that a charging configuration should work on any micro usb device--just not the other way around.
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    The strange thing is that when I use the original Palm cable in the car, connected to a Kensington auto car charger (usb), it does not work.
    So the two pins connected should be in the carger part, and not the Palm cable? Using the Palm cable connected to an usb port on my Dell notebook also works correctly...
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    Yes. The charger should have shorted pins. Otherwise you could not use the cable for data transfer. Of course you can have a cable with shorted data leads as a work-around for a charger without.
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    This adapter ought to work... The iPod Nano reportedly has the same behavior.

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