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    I apologize if there is already a thread addressing this issue, but I searched the forums and couldn't find anything.

    I installed Goo Sync yesterday and noticed my battery was draining extremely quickly after that. I tried soft resets and they didn't do anything. I thought maybe I just used my phone more than I thought, but today the same thing happened and my phone went from 15% battery to dead in a matter of an hour even after I removed Goo Sync.

    Before this my phone easily lasted 12+ hours on a single charge for me.

    Anyone else experiencing this or have any ideas?

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    Just an update: After uninstalling Goo Sync the battery continued to drain until the phone completely died.

    I plugged in the phone and recharged it and today the battery is much better. I plan to install Goo Sync again and see if the same problem persists.


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