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    I have a broken 700wx with Sprint (Random restarts/Speaker volume comes in and out randomly). I have Sprint's $7/month insurance on my plan.

    If I call to Sprint to get a new phone, will they send me an 800w or would they send me a refurbished 700wx?

    I would assume that since they have not been selling the 700wx's for so long they would not still be distributing 700's...

    If I wait for the Touch Pro release, do you think I have a shot at getting a Touch Pro?
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    I think that would all depend on a few things.....

    How long have you had your 700wx? After a certain amount of time (contract length?) they may have you sign a new contract and purchase a new device.

    What other devices Sprint carries...They may give you another device that is 'comperable' to the wx. The 800w is new and has a lot of upgrades from the wx, so they may not see that as 'comperable'. you mentioned, they may not sell new wx's, but they may have a ton of refurbished to unload!!!

    As far as the Pro, who knows IF it will ever come out in CDMA much less when, so I don't think you can afford to wait quite THAT long.....especially if your having issues already!! You stand a better change of renewing your contract, buying the 800w, and by the time you get to the end of THAT contract, MAYBE the Pro will be out (most likely it will be a new future model though).

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    I doubt the Pro will ever be CDMA. Certainly it's unlikely Sprint will carry it as it would compete directly with the 800w.

    You will get a 700wx more than likely. If they are out of 700wx's, they will probably want to give you a 755p over the 800w.

    You may be able to talk them into an 800w, it will depend on how long you've had service, how good your account is, if you've paid your bills on time, etc...
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    I've had my 700wx for 20 months. Sprint released the Touch Diamond, and I've heard the HTC Touch Pro will be available on 10/19.
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    OK....I just re-read you OP I am posting too much 800w/Pro stuff LOL I missed the key work 'Touch'....sorry!!!

    Having your wx for 20 months will probably not do you many favors, that is almost a contract length, but I agree with ebag333 that they will try to swerve you to a lower device. I very much doubt you will be offered an 800w ot Touch Pro right off the bat, you may have to get creative and/or persuasive on them!!!

    If they are like VZW on insurance, they may have you pay a certain amount to move up to the newer devices, so you may be better off waiting a few months and getting a new one with contract pricing!

    But give it a never know!!!!

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    Yeah, I just realized the Palm had some press on their "Pro" phone, and I might have been a little vague in earlier posts, sorry.

    I have heard of cases where people have walked in to the Sprint store with a broken 700p and walked out with a 755p. I also have a friend who had a 755p and the screen was totally cracked and was told to pick any phone in the store for free (I think he ended up with a Mogul, which is an upgrade from the 755p IMO).

    Well, I'll give haggling a try, thank you for your input.
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    That would be because Sprint hasn't offered the 700p in a looooong time.

    If you complain enough about the OS, they'll try and switch you to an equivalent phone of a different OS. IE: 800w to BB Curve.

    And having used a Mogul, I would consider that a downgrade from the 755p. I would take a 700w (not even a wx) over a Mogul.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    And having used a Mogul, I would consider that a downgrade from the 755p. I would take a 700w (not even a wx) over a Mogul.
    OUCH!!!! Remind me to never pick-up the Mogul!!!!!

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