Ok, I'm confused. Maybe I just noticed this today, and this is how it's always worked, but it's odd to me. I have a personal email account set up as POP3. It's set to delete messages on the server if I delete them on the handheld. That works fine, so all good there. But when I delete something from the server (say via webmail in a full desktop browser), the next time I send/receive the POP email account, it basically syncs the treo's local email with what's left on the server. This acts like IMAP right? Has it always done this?

At home, Outlook 2003 downloads messages with POP3, and leaves them on the server. When I delete a message via webmail, Outlook, of course, leaves all previously downloaded emails alone.

What gives? Am I just losing my mind, and WM always does this? I just don't remember. And if it does, it seems to me that the differences between IMAP and POP isn't that great. What am I missing?

I did search and read similar articles, but nothing that really hit this square on the head.

Thanks all.