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    Okay so I was messing around with some apps yesterday trying them out on my 800w.... and of course like any responsible TC aficionado, I made a backup via SpbBackup of my 800w before installing any apps. Suffice to say I, the app totally scewed up my Treo so I decided to hard reset and simple restore from my backup. However, when I go to my list of installed apps on my Treo or the activesync module, there are NO apps listed in the remove/install list?!! How do I get those back? Interestingly, using SKTools, I can still see the apps listed but not via the default remove apps list under system. Is there any way to fix this?!!!
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    Happened to me a long, long time ago. However, if you use an application similar to MemMaid, the list will still be visible and you can do your deletions there, which is what I now do routinely.

    Fix: not that I was able to find after 6 hours of messing with it. There is a dirty way: reinstall the applications! Hard reset and reinstall will also do it. Please note though, it will happen again at some time in the future. So do not loose any sleep, just do it witih SKTools or MemMaid.

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