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    Currently I'm using my old Palm Side Case for my 800w, and it's just not cutting it. This case was made for the old 700p after all, and fit that phone just fine. My 755p was a little loose in it, and the 800w just flops around.... the case is simply too large.

    What I"m looking for is a custom-fit to the 800w version of the Palm Side Case. I.E. leather, same type of belt clip ( none of that plastic crap ), magnetic closure.

    So far all I'm seeing is various "universal" fit cases, which is exactly waht I don't want, and of course the holster type which I also don't want. Any suggestions?
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    Sena has just released their line of cases for the 800w.
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    Hi Alli,

    Thanks for the reply. But it doesn't look like Sena offers anything like the kind of case I'm looking for right now.
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    There is a leather sleeve on Palm's web site that is awesome. I don't know if you are looking for something to cover the entire device, but this sleeve was exactly what I was looking for. It is custome fit with all the cut-outs exactly where they need to be to make using the 800 in the sleeve a breeze. I picked mine up at the local Sprint store.
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    The OEM Mogul case from HTC fits perfectly. Not sure if this is what you are looking for. I've seen them at BestBuy and on ebay. I'll search for a link with pix.


    Nice leather, too.
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    Target sells a vertical leather belt clip case in black or brown leather for less than $10. It fits the 800w and centro nearly perfectly. I don't know the name by heart but it is definitely generic and has been mentioned on this board before. The belt clip rotates but it is not a true horizontal case.
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    I've been extremely happy with Seidio's Black Innocase
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    I agree with billybennett on the Seidio's Innocase.
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    The Red Seidio Innocase looks great with the blue Treo. Hard rubberized case, no bulk added to phone, and if you get the holster, it functions nicely. I pre-orderd the Sena case but found out it has plastic over the keyboard. What a bone-head design.

    Anyway, go with will not be disappointed. One word of caution, it is more difficult to pull the battery (soft reset) because of the case. I downloaded software to soft reset.... I know soft reset pro-actively every few days to keep the phone for messing up.

    Happy case hunting.
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    Can anyone suggest a holster to use with the 800w with the extended battery from Seidio? Its the one with the extended door.

    I have a "basic" one form ebay, that dbls as a wallet. But with the extended battery its too tight and will "remove" the battery door when I remove it.

    I know that Seidio offers the belt clips, but I really perfer the holdsters, cause I still have my 650 and its scratched to heck cause of a belt clip.

    Also I would greatly perfer a holdster with a swivel clip.

    Any help would be thankful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gade500 View Post
    I agree with billybennett on the Seidio's Innocase.
    Me, too. I got the blue. Same color as the phone. Looks and works great!
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    That red sena case is FUGLY!
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    I happen to like the res one, but heaven knows they have a rainbow of colors to choose from.
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    I use the Smartphone Experts one and it is great.

    Even Wal-Mart has a good selection of cases now so it can't be too hard to find a good one somewhere.
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    I went to walmart the last night and I found a good basic case.

    Its a Body Glove universial case. The model number on the packaging is CRC90895. I checked and they dont carry that model anymore and even Wal-marts website dosent carry it.

    I believe it was part of their "armored" series since it has some extra padding on the front of it. It will fit the 800w with the extended battery with no issues.

    I was worried that the "looser" door of the extended battery would get wedged and come undone, but it hasnt been an issue, but I have been a bit more gentle with the phone and the case.

    I dosent get tight in the case and I can pull it out w/o any issues.

    Over all a very nice case for $14.00. Leather attached clip, Open Top, Clip Rotates in 8 click pattern.
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    I've been using a very nice silicone skin that I reported on a month or 2 ago.

    I was at Best Buy with my brother making an unrelated purchase when I came across this:

    It's black silicone, has a texture grip along the back, and fits even better than my other one.

    It's especically good if you want a case NOW, as it seems to be the only one sold at actual retail stores so far. I'm using it now, and it fits perfectly.

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