View Poll Results: After 3 months with the Treo 800w, are you happy with it?

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  • I am not happy with my Treo 800w.

    35 25.74%
  • I am happy with my Treo 800w.

    101 74.26%
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    Seeing this post by SeanC1906, I wanted to see the results in a format that does not require lengthy responses. And polls always seem to get more responses than when people have to type out their thoughts. So I figure a poll produces a wider sample, in an easier to read format. But see that thread to get the gist of why I ask the poll question.

    I figure either you're happy with the thing or you're not. You might keep it (Treo 800w) for whatever reasons of your personal choosing or you might get rid of it, but either you're happy or not, even if you keep it.

    So this poll is simple and straight forward.

    I'm happy, but to ensure I'm not making a poll that skews towards any personal bias, I've placed the "not happy" answer first in the poll.

    Anyone who simply wants to view poll results can click here.
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    I am happy with the phone itself and voted thus. I would be VERY happy indeed if they (Palm) would put some resources into supporting their product by way of audio adapters/craddles/etc...
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    yea there are minor things that just annoy me but overall i love the phone its the best phone i have ever used. But its my first pocket pc so...
    The only thing that really buggs me is that there is no headphone jack and just the micro usb, and i cant find anything for an adapter. The palm headset sucks a fat one they were made for somone with a small head.
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    Love mine! Best PDAPhone I've ever had. Still can be made better, but I'm very pleased and think I'll use it for close to two years.
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    I voted unhappy. Took it back to Sprint today and reactivated my 700p.

    I have 2 totally reliable, usable Palm OS devices again. Now I'm happy....

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    My favorite treo so far (700w -> 750 -> 800w). Love the wifi, 320x320, smaller size, and gps. Main complaint is the battery (I can live with until bigger batteries than the 15% one come out), headphones jack, and man I miss my slingbox (not palm's fault & should eventually be fixed). Keeping this one for a while.
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    Happy. It's not flashy. It's not fancy. It simply works.
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    I love it. Battery is kind of annoying but hasn't really been a problem for my usage as long as I plug it in at night. Hi-speed data on my MacBook while traveling has been awesome thanks to Sprint's coverage (I use USB Modem).

    I'd like to have independent GPS, but even still I was able to track my progress on a hike in the mountains for most of the trail using Google Maps. And of course it has been handy on the road.

    I wasn't thrilled with the default user interface, but after trying a lot of different options out there I finally took the time to set up Ultimate Launcher, which was annoying to set up but completely worth it. UL along with Weather Panel PhatFinger, FTouchSL and Kinoma has made this phone truly a pleasure to use.
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    Very pleased with it.
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    I would recommend it to a friend who is new to the smartphone world or doesn't have an extensive SW library, but there are a few things that were second nature on the 700wx that just can't be done on the 800w.

    I got this for the built-in GPS and if I can't even get a reliable signal in the suburbs of NY, it is useless. My 700wx and BT GPS will be back in action as soon as my refund is processed.
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    i voted no.
    i feel the same way, the good>bad, but i am NOT happy with it.
    $600 phone that plays mp3's better than calls, very buggy, no standalone gps as advertised, bad battery.
    i look like a tool when it freezes and have to take the cover off and pop out the battery (after fidgeting with it for a couple minutes) to reboot.

    palms done good by me fixing some of the problems quick, but they should've been fixed prior to launch.
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    I voted Yes, primarily based on my initial reaction to the phone vs. my 700wx. Some apps still don't display well on the 320x320 screen but that's a minor distraction. I ALMOST voted no (it was a toss up) because of the horrid battery life. I average 10 hours of life on the battery which renders the phone nearly unusable. I can't be tethered to a power connection all day! I'm also not pleased with the quality of the speaker phone but I can use it.

    I would have voted no if I were not confident that greater capacity batterys were being developed.
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    I voted yes. This is my first WinMo phone, so most of what I like about the 800w is based on the usability of the OS. I love having rss feeds in SPB Insight, getting email on my phone all day, LiveSearch and TeleNav, syncing my contacts, calendar, and tasks with Outlook at work and on my laptop, using Evernote and OneNote anywhere, chat-style SMS, Kinoma Play. I'm really starting to like using locr; I really wish Flickr came out with a WinMo app like that.

    This is the first device I have ever owned that had GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, touchscreen, and front-facing keyboard.

    It took time to work out all the software. But now that I have all the applications I want and narrowed down the applications that cause problems, my 800w is very stable, easy to use, slick, and fun.
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    The 2600ma battery delivers substantial performance over the OEM.
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    I am very happy now. I wasn't too sure about the phone due to the battery...but that 2600 battery from Seidio pretty much made me a happy camper.
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    Where's the in between in the poll?
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    Quote Originally Posted by m12x13adass View Post
    Where's the in between in the poll?
    See the first comment, which explains. Either you are or you're not.
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    I did and neither choices applies to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by m12x13adass View Post
    I did and neither choices applies to me.
    Well as the saying goes, there are exceptions to every rule, but for this one, the options are thumbs up or thumbs down far as the poll goes.

    I mean anyone else can of course make their own poll (you can make one that suits your liking), but I wanted to hear from folks who are decided one way or the other.

    And of course you're free to leave whatever comments you like .
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    I find it interesting that out of the 82 people who have voted, 71.95% of them actually like their phone.

    And I've seen several comments of "Well I like the phone, but I voted I didn't like it because of a problem with X/Y/Z."

    Remember to that the level of users on this site means that we are going to tend to be much pickier than your average user. The vast majority of people won't care if stand alone GPS works or not, the 800w is geared towards the same market as BB users, that is to say business users. Not many business users will need to be using the 800w for hiking in the middle of the woods.

    Battery life is more of an issue, granted, but again for the majority of people it works just fine. On days when I use my 800w as a typical business user would (IE: e-mail and phone nearly only) my battery lasts just fine.

    Long story short....most TC users are actually happy with the 800w, and I have no doubt that for the market it's aimed at, they'd be just as happy or more so.
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