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    Anyone notice this? I think this is the problem with having too many developers working on the same crappy code.

    1) Outlook > Delivery Preferences
    2) Outlook > Tools > Options > Tap Account > Send/Receive Schedule

    If you set #1 it sets #2, but if you only set #2 it does not set #1.

    I think Outlook might be causing my "Random Data Connection Loss" issue.

    I have 8 IMAP stores setup, 3 of which were set to check every 5 minutes. I have a theory that the combination of switching from 1X/EV coverage and frequently checking IMAP stores or the actual accounts themselves are conflicting somehow and hanging up the connection. Perhaps i should stagger the accounts to check 5, 10, 15 mins so they don't contend with each other and cause some sort of race condition.

    It always sees that when the connection gets hosed and the bars are blinking really fast that Outlok is trying to connect to an account. Even after I 'Stop Send/Receive' or kill the Outlook process I still have to reset the radio to get cellular data again. I have not noticed if it's the same account each time or not. For now I have set them all to manual to except for one account via method #1. I am going to do some tests to see if I can't alleviate this issue or perhaps some other app is killing my data connection.

    Maybe i should just abandon Outlook for some other mail program like Seven Push mail...
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    OK... i tested setting 1 IMAP email account to check every 5 minutes and set the rest to manual. Last email was retreived 00:56 local time and at 10:00 here Outlook is stuck on connecting and the damn conn is hung again.
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    Where is this option?

    1) Outlook > Delivery Preferences
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    under menu right soft button after first entering outlook.

    I have now observed that outlook does not disconnect from the network when it's done checking mail and eventually the connection goes stale NOT TO MENTION since disabling checking mail every 5 minutes my battery life is DRASTICALLY improved.

    I want to make Outlook disconnect from PCS vision after each mail check.... anyone know how to do that? I think that would solve my problems. I'll probably reduce the frequency of my checks as well.

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